One great thing the Cambridge Analytica debacle offered Facebook users was awareness for all the privacy features most people had no idea existed. This, and several other steps are important for keeping your account secure, relevant and enjoyable to continue using. Following are 3 steps to take right now, and I suggest at least quarterly, to keep Facebook clutter free.

  1. Privacy Settings Review: Get in there and do a full review! Click that downward facing karat at the top right of your profile and select “settings”. Take time to go through each of these sections. Some highlights to look for…

Under “Security and Login” you’ll be able to see what devices and locations are logged into your Facebook account and disconnect.

In “Privacy” you can set who sees what and who/how people are able to find you.

◊ “Timeline and Tagging” allows you to set who can write on your timeline, and if you need to approve tags before going on your timeline.

◊ “Blocking” allows you to block people, pages, apps and event invitations.

◊ “Apps” is where you can kill the connection to all those quizzes you now wish you never took, as well as other third party tools you’ve connected to over the years that still have access to your data.



2. Declutter Your Newsfeed: Whether it’s lotions and potions, humblebrags or political rants you’re tired of, we all have those friends we don’t want to ‘unfriend’ but perhaps silence for a bit. Or forever. You have both options! Now, we know I would NEVER unfollow Snoopy. This is purely an example.


Click on the three dots to the top right of a post. You can Snooze someone for 30 days if you simply need a break, or, you can unfollow that annoying ‘friend’ for good.

What’s great about this process is not only removing annoyances, but opening up your newsfeed for new gems and friends you may not have seen in a while.



3. Job hunting or networking? Apply the WWGT rule. Yes, recruiters, hiring managers and potential customers are looking and judging your decision making process. Go through your posts and photos and say to yourself. “What Would Grandma Think”? You know the drill.

So, while Facebook claims all of its algorithm updates are created to make a better experience for you, the user, the fact is, we are in charge of our own experience. Take some time this week to follow these steps. A decluttered Facebook is a more enjoyable Facebook!