Is your social media brand on point? Preparing to unveil a business rebrand is an exciting time! It can also come along with some stress, making sure that we cover all bases. Social media gives us more details to consider as you prepare to reflect your new brand across the digital landscape. Here is a checklist to make sure you leave your mark in a consistent, seamless fashion.

Does your rebrand include a name change?

1.  In addition to your primary web domain, check the full URL for every social media channel to see if it is already taken. This way, you’ll determine ahead of time if you need to make any variations to the name to make it unique. When you are ready, change all social media account names or handles at once.

2. If you are making name changes resulting in a new social media channel URL, make sure to reflect that URL change on your website where your social channel icons live. Do the same for any other sites that reference your social media sites like association websites, chamber websites, strategic partners sites, email newsletter, email signatures and other social channels where you cross-reference via URL, like LinkedIn, or in your YouTube descriptions. You may need to do the same for any blogs or articles that are cross-referenced on other source websites.

3. Facebook only allows you to change your name twice, so if for any reason you have changed her name before there could be an issue. You can still do it, but you will need to submit verifying paperwork and await a response from Facebook before it takes effect.

4. Do a search on all your social media sites for your old name to make sure that in addition to the account name and vanity URL, you also update it in any ‘about’ and ‘bio’ related sections that reference it.

Logos and visual branding.

5. Consider how your new logo will look in both a square and circular space since different social media channels appear differently. This may help you decide if you need an abbreviated version or a new variation designed.

6. Make sure all visual branding is social media ready. Get your logo and header designs created for every social media channel you use. At this link is an ‘Always Up to Date’ guide from Sprout Social so when you are ready to make these sweeping social media updates, you are prepared with a repository of right-sized images.

7. Are you doing video? Identify any videos that you’d like to reuse ongoing and consider updating your intros and outros with fresh branding.

8. Check your LinkedIn media library to make sure anything saved in your summary or experience section is updated or replaced to align with your new brand book. While you’re in there, don’t forget to review your contact information!

9. Do you have any design templates you use for ads, quotes, events, etc.? Make sure to update those to align with your new brand colors and fonts. Similarly, consider the color scheme for your Instagram Canvas and how this might impact your image selections going forward.

10. Make a fun announcement about your rebrand as a post on each channel. This is a great opportunity for a video talking about the meaning behind your rebrand and making a strong impact on your network!

Are you launching a rebrand? Share your social channels in the comments, I’d love to see how you’re evolving!