The Ingredients You Need for

Social Media Success

Consulting & Strategy Development

Clarify your vision and supercharge your social media savvy!  Through a process of research and guided brainstorming, I work with you to develop a brand-unique strategy, create a content plan your audience will crave, and monitor metrics to gain critical insights to propel your efforts. A clear, measurable plan ensures no more random acts of social media!  Contact me today and let’s start building a strategy that works!

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Training and Coaching

Sharpen your skills or that of your team and improve your results!  Whether you want to catch up on the latest social channel updates, turn your team into an army of brand evangelists, outsmart algorithms with your social savvy, maximize ad results or keenly analyze your data to inform future content, we can design a training program for your unique needs. 

Not in Chicago? Busy schedule? No problem! I offer training via live video so you can get involved from around the globe.

Contact me today to customize a program, or, sign up for my most popular social media coaching starter package today!

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Mix it up and get your team excited!  My goal is to motivate people and give them the tools they need to succeed.  Past attendees have agreed that my analogies lead to the  “now I get it” moments that create shifts and inspire people to push themselves harder to achieve results.  I never take a “one size fits all approach”.  Instead, my presentations are an emulsion of knowledge and your goals aspirations.  This allows me to engage your attendees and send them off with a new expertise that is immediately implementable and manageable. Contact me today for your next conference, event or team training.

Presentation Library

Invest and Grow!

Accelerate Your Knowledge and Eliminate Social Media Overwhelm.

Additional Services

Enterprise Level Services

Did you know that posts delivered by employees gain 8 times as much engagement as those from the corporate brand? In today’s world it is critical to have a strong brand ambassadors. Whether you have a sales team hitting the streets, or product managers and developers educating their community, it is critical your employees represent your brand in the best light possible. Contact me to customize your program today!

Audits and Analytics

Want to make sure your valuable time isn’t wasted inside an echo-chamber, and that your content is actually reaching your audience? Contact me to learn more about my social media audit and analytics programs.