As time goes on, whenever I do a training or speak at a conference, more and more hands go up when I ask who is advertising on Facebook. I love to see this as it means people are taking more active steps to extend their brand using the powerful tools that Facebook has to offer advertisers, and it also is a great opportunity to learn more about your target market.

What I’m not seeing as much is the next layer, and that is, setting up an Instagram Business account through which you can integrate those Facebook ads you are already spending quality time on.

First, the why… 

A recent Facebook study found that content that does well on Facebook also works well with Instagram.

Using Facebook Ads Manager to design and integrate ads that run on both Facebook and Instagram is a great opportunity to A/B test your visual media, copy, cost per action and value proposition.

You can see the results by demographic breakdown and actions taken. This information is key to informing and adapting your ongoing ad strategy, to ensure you are creating the best content that elicits a response from your target audience.

Second, the how

Make sure to set your Instagram account up as a business account, and connect it to your Facebook page. This facilitates advertising & important analytics.

Instagram business account setup

Third, test and measure…

If you haven’t used Instagram ads before, keep it simple to test out your ads. You can boost a post on Facebook and send it over to Instagram. You can then compare and contrast results. You may find that some do better on Facebook and others do better on Instagram. You may also find that different demographics respond to different ads by platform. And it may not be according to expectation!