You may be hearing in the news and online all the hype that… “Facebook for Business is Dead!”

Yes, the algorithm is changing, yet again. But let’s take a deep breath before we run in fear.

Facebook has been evolving its algorithm for years. They tell us, it is to improve the experience for the user. As a business owner, we see it as a way for them to generate more ad revenue. Which is true? Both. Yes, they actually do care about our user experience, and they’ve been under quite a bit of speculation lately. For political and psychological impact reasons. So… the latest changes have announced that Facebook’s algorithm will taken an even stronger position on showing us posts from family and friends, to protect us from suspect ads, and also, to share content that is more uplifting and positive. No, really…

So, what does that mean for business owners who have put some really hard work (or not) into establishing a strong Facebook Page presence?  It means you need to produce exceptional quality content, engage your community and put some paid power behind it to make sure you stay relevant. How dare they!?

Ok look, isn’t that what marketing has always been about? Excellence, customer experience and investment? We had a good run with social media and the free stuff. It’s time to be great and pay to play.

Here are 3 things you can do to keep your game strong and stay relevant on Facebook.

  • See First Option:  There is a little option on every Facebook Page where people can opt to see the content no matter what. Will everyone do this for you? No. But it can’t hurt to ask. Whether it is a section in your next newsletter, or something you guide people to do when you meet with them, let them know you’ve got great stuff for them to see and they should opt to “see first” on your page.


  • Video. Better yet. LIVE video. Ok, so we’re not all comfortable with being on camera. But there are a lot of options. Get creative! If you don’t want to shoot yourself sharing content, do a voice over and show your products, customer testimonials, an event, etc… The fact is, Facebook shows video more than any other type of content. Native video (meaning video created on or posted directly to Facebook).  Facebook Live gets 10 times more engagement than other posts. Engagement means you’re doing something right, and if you’re doing something right, Facebook will show that to your followers. Try to find something weekly to showcase via Facebook live!


  • Pay. You can advertise on Facebook for as little as $1 a day per campaign. Start small! You’ll definitely start to see the benefit and increase in brand reach and engagement. And don’t just advertise to “people who like your page and their friends”. The audience targeting in Facebook is so exceptional it’s practically creepy. For example- a mortgage lender could advertise to not only a geographic region, but a salary level, people recently married, about to become empty nesters, or about to have a baby. Use this to your benefit and maximize your dollar. It’s like the difference between flyering in a parking lot of a mall versus specifically handing a deal out to those who actually already walked into your store before.


  • Stay Connected: It’s even more important now to communicate with your network. Don’t leave a comment hanging! Always respond. Ask questions. Find out what they want more of. Show your personality and get to know them.

It’s time to up our game! Let’s give the people what they want, and Facebook will return the favor to us.