But I’m not a techy/creative type, how do I keep up?!

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of video? I hear it all the time. Social media can be pretty intimidating these days to the non-creative or non-tech person. The demands for exceptional visual appeal and creative design are high. The great thing about this demand, however, is that tools are developed every single day to meet it. This certainly does not do away with the need to hire a graphic designer or videographer for your important projects, but these tools can help a novice create beautiful visual media for their social media channels day to day.

Here’s a line-up of easy to use video tools that can take you from novice to master in no time…

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  1. On your desktop. If you are shooting video with a camera, or even your mobile device, but prefer the big screen and keyboard to do your edits, iMovie, free with your Mac, can help you do everything from basic cuts to savvy edits with green screen, image overlays, and audio. If you’re not an Apple user, my friend Catherine Altman Morgan finds simple success using VideoPad on her PC for the same solutions.
  2. On your phone: Yep, iMovie once again. There is an app you can download onto your iPhone to make basic edits, and add several of the same features as the laptop version. VideoPad also has a version for mobile devices including Android.
  3. Facebook Live: Sure, you can go live on Facebook and Instagram right from your laptop or phone, but if you are ready to take things up a notch, there are some budget-friendly tools to help you do just that.
    • Ecamm Live and BeLive.tv are great ways to up your game and provide additional features like scheduling, branding, interview, and group settings and more. And they both have free trials you can test out to see which works better for your business needs.
  4. For stories:  Just like going live, you can always use your mobile device to share your Facebook or Instagram story. But, what if you have a KILLER video that was appropriately shot in vertical dimension with your phone, but, GASP, it’s 60 seconds long. Cutstory to the rescue! This great little app allows you to import a video and cut it into clips appropriately sized for Instagram or Facebook stories, and it also tells you the right sequence to upload them in. Now, don’t get crazy and chop an hour-long workshop into tiny bits, but this is great for repurposing from the longer Facebook stories to Instagram.
  5. Non-software:  It’s always important to have the tools that help simplify the process and help you look a bit better in less than fabulous lighting.
    • The Selfie Stick is no longer just for dangerously crossing streets aloofly while on vacation. This handy little tool is great for a hands-free experience sharing your business expertise with your network.
    • The Diva Light is a great way to brighten up your subject. Pun totally intended. You can find a little budget version for your phone, or go full scale for your in-home video studio when ready.
    • Mic A beautiful video doesn’t do much if your sound quality sucks. Let the people hear what you have to say! This is something you DO want to be sure is compatible with your phone or video camera, so do a bit more research here.
  6. Ready for More? 
    • Want to know how people turn all those cool pictures into a slideshow video with branding, audio and more? Download Ripl and play around. From free to different pricing tiers, the more you learn, the more you can create!
    • So you’re already turning out some cool visual media, and you want to know how to get those sassy branded lead-ins and outros. Check out my friend Catherine Morgan Altman’s favorite tool Viddyoze. She’s created some exceptionally dynamic videos for her business Point A to Point B Transitions and her newly founded Facebook Group, The Depression Discussions.  

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Posted by Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Do you have any favorite video tools you like to use? Shoot me a message or drop a note in the comments, I’d love to hear what you use!