There are a few schools of thought out there when it comes to Facebook post boosting. (Which is, putting some advertising spend on a post to increase exposure and engagement, outside of the Facebook ads manager.)

  • The  “NEVER, how could you be so stupid!” judgy kind.
  • The “OMG I boost all my posts I get so much engagement” eager kind.
  • The “It can work well for a certain purpose when done right” kind.

Perhaps it’s the Libra in me or simply logic & experience. I’ve seen both well done and crappily done, so, that puts me into the school of bullet #3.

When it comes to ANY kind of advertising on social media however, it is critical you know a few things before you hand over your hard-earned dollar. Whether it is one dollar, several, or you’re already making it rain. It’s important to protect yourself from the storm.

make it rain money GIF

The storm of irrelevance.

Facebook knows the dopamine affect people get with a reaction. And it uses that against us. As hard as it is to get visibility on a Facebook Business Page post these days, imagine the rush someone may get when they see one of these offers…

FB post boost suggestions

“$15 for 2400 more viewers and I can invite them to like my page? I’m in!”

So someone eagerly clicks the button, when it asks for a few, $20 more bucks they agree, and off it goes to Facebook to show it to all their best potential clients.

But wait. Who are these 2400 people, and how does Facebook know?

kendrick lamar GIF

Well, they don’t, unless you tell them. Would you ever order a pizza and say “surprise me”? Not unless you don’t mind a pineapple anchovy surprise.

The catch 22 is that, as a new Facebook Page advertiser, you don ‘t know the features you have available to you to make your hard-earned dollar (or 50…) work for you.

So, my friend, who recently got very excited about this Facebooks offer, was very upset when 20 people from Turkey liked his Facebook Page for his contracting business in Chicago after giving Facebook $35…

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Have a goal:
    • Do you want the engagement to build brand awareness to grow your weight in the algorithm?
    • Do you want people to message you to encourage lead-gen via messaging or a bot?
    • Do you want to send traffic to a link?
    • Know your objective, because Facebook does offer options.
  2. Who is your target audience? Even if you are just getting started and don’t have a target market & segments formalized, you at least know your geographic filters and demographics.

Facebook ad objectives

We don’t read the fine print much these days, we skim. And Facebook is counting on that. I’ve met with countless people who have just clicked, put in their credit card and submitted their ad without noticing what other highly useful criteria was being presented to them.

So pay attention to these objectives and options to the left, and use them wisely. Maximize your dollar, and don’t let Facebook play 52 pickup with your bucks!

Have more questions on Facebook Ads? Give me a shout at and I’ll make sure to address it in my next blog or video!