As you may have heard, social media algorithms LOVE video. The problem? Not all humans love video. In fact, most humans cringe at the idea of sitting solo, staring at a camera and sharing their genius. It looks so natural for some, but it’s critical to avoid that comparison trap! Many of those people have been doing it for years, have had media coaching, perhaps an entourage, and have built a comfort zone around facing the camera. They didn’t start that way though…

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the now masterful Gary Vaynerchuk’s first wine library video here.

Image Credit: Gary Vaynerchuk Wine Library TV on YouTube


See? Not so sexy, right? (Sorry Gary, I love you). Ok, now that you’ve gained confidence by seeing a master in his relatable stage, here are 5 tips to get started using Facebook Live to grow your business brand.

*** Bonus #0 added:  Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb!

1. Private practice. You don’t need to charge out of the gate going public on your Facebook Page. Did you know you can go live on your personal Facebook account in private mode? Or, pick just one trusted friend to watch you?  This is an excellent way to get comfortable with the features, practice speaking to the camera and get comfortable with delivery. In the last 2 weeks I’ve had 3 clients who were extremely hesitant about Facebook live use this tip in session and say “Wow, that wasn’t so bad! They ALL went live on their own the very next day.

2. Introduce yourself, your business and your goal. Quite often, out of nerves or lack of planning, we tend to jump right into content. Even if your page is small and just 35 of your best friends and clients, do your Facebook live as if you are talking to a new crowd of business leads. Make your intro strong and consistent each time so those who are exposed to your brand as you do more, have a foundation set for them.

3. Be conversational. Even if your only viewer is your Mom, or if you have big goose-egg getting started, who cares! Ask questions, invite people to post in the comments. If people come on as you are live, take a moment to say “hi”, “welcome”, “so great to see you here!”. Your video will stay on your timeline once it is done, giving people the opportunity to interact later on.

4. Light things up. I already know you’ll do this with your personality and expertise, but it is important to check your lighting and be mindful of audio distractions. Don’t worry about commercial quality setting, but do make sure people can see and hear you. As the subject, light should be in front of you not behind you so that you are not turned into a silhouette. Our laptops and phones do have some good audio, but it can’t hurt to invest in a mic to up your game. Here are some mic examples from budget to bad-ass that you can find on Amazon.

5. Keep at it! Practice does lead to mastery and algorithms love consistency. And, in spite of that little voice in your head, your knowledge is needed and your audience craves your guidance.

Want some support getting started? Give me a shout and we’ll get you out there in style.