I hear all the time “what if I don’t have any content?” People get overwhelmed thinking about all the things they need to create to establish a content strategy to create a strong, consistent social media presence.

What happens when this overwhelm hits? Inaction. I’m here to tell you that you already have all the content you need to kick off with power!

Here are five common sources of content that everyone has at least one of! This will give you a strong foundation to go from.

  1. You didn’t even realize you were blogging. (Story 👇)
  2. What? You have a book!? (Story👇)
  3. FAQs. Every client question you answer.
  4. Marketing Materials & Presentations.
  5. Your brain.  Harness that brilliance!

Quite often, people don’t even realize the content they are generating can be used for social media, simply, because it is something they’ve always done and never put it into the new context.

I don’t have time to blog…

I had a client who knew blogging was important, she simply “didn’t have the time”.  “One day, but not now, it’s just too much”, she said. We found content via other sources to help express their services and brand voice in the meanwhile.

Then, one day, after working with her for over 2 years, she copied me on a email.

“I forgot to let you know, I send these to my team once a week, thought it might be interesting for you.”

I asked her, how long have you been doing this for?

“I started about 6 months ago.”

“Do your realize you have already written over 20 blogs?”

She had NO IDEA that these motivational, educational, valuable nuggets of business growing wisdom she shared on a weekly basis with her sales team could be incredible content for her social media implementation.

But my book is old…

It doesn’t matter. Unless your book is about writing COBOL or making sure your systems are ready for Y2k (yep, dating myself), you are certain to find some evergreen, insightful nuggets you can turn into valuable social media posts.

I had a client who discounted the value of her book because it was written so long ago. Upon reading her book, I found that she ended every single chapter with a list of 5 to 10 action steps that people could take to improve upon their well-being. Since she was writing a new book, there wasn’t a concern with “giving too much away” from the older one.

From a 12 chapter book, we now had over 100 pieces of wisdom to build upon to create powerful social media content aligned with branded imagery that served her in growing her Facebook page from 5k to 40k.

Find your dormant gems!

Go through the list above and identify what you might have available. Even if you don’t have a blog, book or presentation materials, you DO have answers to client questions. Write it down every time you answer one. Turn this into content. Because if it helped one person you spoke to that day, it could help 100’s across the social universe! Don’t discount your expertise. What you consider basic knowledge in your realm of mastery could be life changing to someone in need of your service.

Part of what I coach people on through our strategic brainstorming sessions is identifying how much amazing material you already have all we need to do is figure out a way to put into a blog, valuable tips accompanied by a relevant image or video.

See, you’re already prepared, don’t you feel better now?! Reach out to start the process. You don’t need to recreate the wheel, just shine it up a bit!