How would you rank your LinkedIn game? Are you out there building relationships and keeping up with new connections? Or, has it been a while? Perhaps you’d like to get out there more, but things have changed and you’re feeling a little rusty.

I work with a lot of people who start right off saying; “I know I need to be active on LinkedIn, it’s just been so long and I don’t know how to get back in the game”. Well, here is your plan of attack!

Take these next steps on LinkedIn, and you’ll find yourself back in the game and growing a strategic team of supportive players.

Do a full profile sweep and make sure every section is up to date:

  • How recent is your headshot?
  • Is your headline current and impactful?
  • I work with many successful business owners & professional, and yet, they still have a resume objective statement as their LinkedIn Summary. (Now called the “About Section”.) Make sure yours is a strong bio, representing your unique differentiator and brand message.
  • Now go through each section to make sure it is current, incorporates strong keywords and is something you would be proud to showcase to your top leads and referrals.
  • Ongoing goal: Schedule a full profile review quarterly to make any improvements or updates to your profile.

Catch up on connections:

  • When is the last time you invited clients, new leads or networking introductions to connect?
  • How many untended invites do you have outstanding? Don’t worry, if you decline, no one gets a notice!
  • Clients consistently ask me, “who should I accept if I don’t know them?”. Well, this is a very personal decision. In particular, lawyers may want to use more discretion than most. I check to see if their business is relevant, and how many highly trusted connections we share before I accept cold invites.
  • Ongoing goal: Connect to 5 new people each week, or request introductions to new people you’d like to build relationships with.

Build brand awareness: 

  • Now that your profile is polished and your connections are current, it’s time to showcase your talents and earn referrals. How do you do that? Through quality content sharing, engaging with your network, and participating in relevant group conversations.
  • Ongoing goal: List out the most important strategic partnerships and relationships to your business. Each week, make at least two contacts with each of those strategic partners by way of content sharing,  post commentary, or tagging them to share useful information.

Drive traffic:

    • In 2018, of all traffic driven to B2B website, LinkedIn accounted for 50%! So, if you want to drive traffic to grow your brand and business, LinkedIn is a must in your strategy.
    • Ongoing goal: Map out how you can use LinkedIn to guide users toward valuable, original resources on your website. This could be blogs, videos, or posts that offer a lead magnet to encourage newsletter signups.

It’s critical to establish a powerful brand representation before you put yourself out there. The About Section (LinkedIn Summary) can be the most daunting part, but it is also the most important from a branding and search perspective.


Not quite ready to hire a copywriter? Well, if you are ready to commit to spending quality time crafting your own summary, I have a gift for you!

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