"Eliminate social media overwhelm. Become a bold catalyst for success!"

Sue Koch

The Recipe you Need

For Social Media Success


Tired of boring meetings that are the “same old, same old”?  Sue’s high energy and unique perspective means presentations that motivate, engage and educate your team.
Mix It Up!


Get your team ahead of the curve.  I offer a variety of training options from short lunch-and-learns to online workshops that can help you master social media for business.


Looking to improve ROI? Get the recipe for results.  Learn the best practices you need to take ideas from concept to dollars smoothly and efficiently.


Turn likes into leads.  Create campaigns and develop strategies that build momentum and get results.

Tired of Social Media Gurus

overwhelming you into INACTION?

Crafted from years of experience in getting my first clients in my business to landing a fortune 100 client from LinkedIn alone this course is designed in simple recipes for success from beginner to advanced, so that you can make the LinkedIn Recipe Box work for YOU!

You're NOT doing it wrong, it's NOT too late and you don't have to do ALL things...

Access my online LinkedIn Training Program, the Social Media Recipe Box, today!

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I’ve been navigating social media since 2009 when I quit my “successful” SVP post just prior to the peak of the economic downturn. With no desire to return and a budget of $0, it was imperative I became super savvy at social media so that I could create a scalable business serving others.  Over 10 years later, I’m happy to say I’m still here, and super energized about helping others do the same!

Sue Koch


Invest and Grow!

Accelerate your knowledge and eliminate social media overwhelm. My mission is to educate people and eliminate social media overwhelm.

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